We have been involved full time within the transport and logistics sector for a combined period of 65 years.
During this time, working at various levels has enabled a large pool of knowledge and real world-front line experience to be gathered.
TMCPC qualified, CILT members, Qualified Auditors.

Your business may well be able to benefit from external advice or assistance for several reasons including:
  • ♦ Lack of internal resource to complete a task or project - for example, time, knowledge, experience.
  • ♦ The task or project does not justify employing someone – even part-time
For a friendly approach to assist you completing those overdue tasks, we recognise what you do well and develop bespoke solutions to progress your business. Enable you to develop further commercial opportunities.
Please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to assist and improve your business.
    Risk management, road risk, damage reduction, business protection
  • Practical advice and assistance with recognising, recording and reducing risk within the organisation.
  • Monitoring all damage, trend analysis, follow up actions and cost reduction.
  • Communication and Training.
  • Protecting the business against claims.
    Health & Safety, risk assessment, safe systems
  • Statement of Intent
  • Policies
  • Risk assessment
  • Safe Systems / Method Statements
  • Communication and Training
  • Audits
    Fitness to drive, drugs and alcohol testing service
  • Support and advice available particularly for small medium operators and restricted licence holders.
  • Medical Questionnaires
  • On site random drink and drugs testing – fully trained staff, calibrated equipment.
  • DVSA – reportable illnesses / conditions.
  • Communication and Training
    Training plans
  • Visible Continuous Development Training Plans for all employees
  • Ensuring sufficient quality trained staff are available to support the business
  • Hebe data
    Strategic business support
  • Diversification
  • Expansion / Acquisition
  • New business / contract renewals
  • Synergy / collaboration
    Operational support, business integration, external TMs and interim management
  • External transport managers – experienced TMCPC holders
  • Interim management to cover illness / recruitment
  • Assistance with integration of new contracts
    Business continuity planning
  • Disaster recovery planning – how would your business survive a major fire or flood?/li>
    Compliance support, GVOL applications
  • Support with new applications and Major Change application
  • Compliance with Undertakings and Conditions
  • Maintenance records
  • EU Hours & WTD
  • Audits
    FORS accreditation support
  • Assistance with practical advice to ensure your business benefits from FORS accreditation
  • Interpretation of the Requirements – FORS auditing experience.
  • Development of your existing systems
  • Most importantly – providing the additional resource to review, prepare and manage
    Bespoke driver handbooks
  • Do you drivers have a handbook. If so, is it relevant to your business? We can provide a competitively priced handbook which includes your logo, policies and procedures.
    Costing / budgeting
  • Support and advice available particularly for small medium operators and restricted licence holders.